Although hair is dead cells in the body still they add up onto the beauty of a person making them look attractive. Whether of head or eyelashes, everyone wants them to be denser and long. For the same, they use various marketed products so that these could look more beautiful and charming. However, they forget that synthetic things could give happiness for a lesser duration of time as after some time they start harming and same as in the case of eyelashes. If a woman uses fake eyelashes it might disturb the natural hair growth. Sometimes fake eyelashes might take the person towards the embarrassment as they may fall anytime and anywhere. The use of any outside thing might make you feel bored and when you stop using these things, it might take off the person in the ugliest looking phase. The natural solution for this condition has come up with the name of Careprost Eye Drop which could help the woman to look beautiful, attractive, and charming without any artificial makeup material.

The Careprost eye drop is the fascinating ophthalmic solution that could be used by the women to denser their eyelashes and make them look attractive. The use of this medicine is easy and one could use this on regular basis to attain natural growth of the eyelashes. Careprost contains an FDA-approved generic drug Bimatoprost which shows its therapeutic effect on the condition of hypotrichosis as well as ocular hypertension. The strength of Careprost available in the market is 0.03% w/v which a person needs to use only along with the prescribed dose.

Bimatoprost being a prostaglandin analog mimics the action similar to prostamide in the ocular section.

Use careprost eye drops to grow your eyelashes longer.

Bimatoprost onto hypotrichosis:
When Bimatoprost interacts with the receptors present within the follicle and brings alteration to the activity of the hair follicle. This action further results in the stimulation of the growth cycle of the hair follicles of eyelashes. These mechanics result within the increasing length and volume of eyelashes.

Bimatoprost onto ocular hypertension: It drains out excess fluid present within the eyes and controls the flow of aqueous humor which gives maintenance in the proper flow within the eyes.

Dosing plan for using Bimatoprost contained Careprost eye drops:

An applicator provided with this medicine must be used for applying the Careprost eye drops onto the upper eyelid. One drop is to be applied once in a day especially the prescribed time is night time before going to bed.

One drop of Careprost is sufficient for the management of ocular hypertension to be instilled in the infected eye for once a day. Do not rub over the eyes and wipe extra fluid flowing with tissue paper.

Precautions to be followed with use of Careprost eye drop:

  • To remove the contact lenses before instilling this medicine and wait for at least 10 minutes to re-insert it.
  • Do make sure of not applying any makeup onto the eyes while treating with this medicine.
  • Do not use any other eye drop or ophthalmic medicine while using this medicine.
  • Do not use this medicine when you are under the age of 18 years.

Undesirable aftermaths with Careprost eye drops:

The use of Careprost might lead to some side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, irritation in the eye, feeling of something in the eye, grittiness in the eye, blurred vision, or redness.

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