A man who is incapable of keeping up an erection during an intimate session fails to satisfy his partner. If this problem reappears, repeatedly, it can be a barrier in your love life. Your relationship gets disturbed. Neither you nor your partner would enjoy their sensual life. The pleasure will remain incomplete. Losing an erection can happen sometimes but when you lose your erection often then do not let it happen always as this will become a sign of your impotency. It is important to get it corrected as soon you notice such kind of thing. There are many medicines that are available in the market, among them you must choose Cenforce 100 mg. This drug helps you in coping up with your erection easily. You will soon observe an erection gain within few minutes of its intake. After taking this medicine, you would not remain devoid of the pleasure that you are seeking for so long. Both of you can enjoy each moment while intimacy for a longer duration. Get this remedy and remain in the arms of your loved ones for longer.

Cenforce is the best medication to handle the erection problem.

Cenforce is the medication that has active component as Sildenafil. This medicine comes under the class of PDE5 inhibitor class. PDE5 enzyme is responsible for breaking down of cGMP. Thus, there is less amounts of cGMP which causes less vasodilation or less blood flow and this is the reason why there is no erection or poor erection. This medicine prohibits the PDE5 enzyme and elevates the cGMP count, which causes vasodilation and so speedy blood flow through vessels raising an erection.

Cenforce is also available as dosing strengths Cenforce 150 mg, and 200 mg.

Dosing scheme: It is advised to ingest single tablet prior to one hour of physical intimacy session. The activity begins within 30 minutes of intimacy and the activity sustains for about 4-5 hours. Next dose can be taken only after 24 hours. You have to take it orally with water.

Some DONT's you should always keep following:

  • It is advised that you should never use this medicine if you have got any allergic reaction.
  • You should never consume it when your age falls under 18 years.
  • You should never consume it if you are already taking nitrate drugs.

Safety precautionary measures that one must always keep following:

  • If your erection is painful then tell your doctor about it.
  • Alcohol and grapefruit juice should be kept away from you as those will interact and worsen your effects.
  • Meals having high fats should be ceased, as those will lessen the rate of absorption.
  • You should not take more than recommended by your doctor.

There are possibilities of some harmful effects such as vomiting, nausea, muscle pain, back pain, painful erection, vision problem, shortness of breath, and flushing.

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