The beauty of women lies in her eyes. Eyes are those parts of our body with which one can see the world. Your beauty of eyes is seen when your eyelashes are denser and stronger. Eyelashes are that outgrown structure, which shields your eyes. When your eyelashes are thicker and fuller, your eye beauty is also improved. With single blink and flaunting of your eyes, you can attract millions towards you.

Girls go on adding eye care products to enhance eye beauty. Those make-ups do not stay for a long time and gets removed. To have such a magnetic look of your eyes, begin using Careprost eye Drops. This product will help you to grow out eyelashes as soon within weeks. You will have darker and denser eyelashes permanently. You can now flaunt your eyelashes wherever you go. No one would ever question you on your eyes. If they will question you, are these eyelashes fake or natural? You will reply confidently NATURAL. Careprost will strongly build your confidence and pride.

The active form of this medication is Bimatoprost. This drug acts miraculously over your eyelashes. It strengthens and builds up your eyelashes plus it also prevents glaucoma disorder. You just have to apply it ONCE DAILY PRIOR TO NIGHT SLEEP.

Use Careprost Eye Drop for Beautiful Eyelashes.

The strength in which this medicine is available is 0.03%. The medicine functions over the anagen phase of the hair cycle and it triggers the growth speed of hair in the anagen phase. Your eyelash will grow like weeds within 6-12 weeks. There will be full growth in about 12 weeks of its use.

Start by using single drop over the applicator tip and slowly apply from the base of your upper eyelashes. Then keep your eyes close for some time in such a way that solution gets applied towards the lower eyelashes. Remove extra solution with tissue paper.

Things that have to be contraindicated while using this product:

  • This product should never be used in case of a sensitive reaction.
  • This product should never be used in case of any inflammation or surgery.

Safety points that should be followed prior to or after using those eye drops:

  • Remove out your contact lens prior to use of those eye drops.
  • Do not touch the applicator tip or bottle tip as contamination can happen.
  • Do wash your hands prior to or after using those eye drops.
  • Put another eye drop only after an interval of 15 minutes.
  • You can put back your contact lens after an interval of 5 minutes of use.
  • Do not use in younger than 16 years.

There are chances of some after effects with those eye drops such as dry eyes, burning of eyes, eye irritation, feeling of something in your eyes, redness of your eyes, and eye inflammation.

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