Eyelashes are present over the eyelid contour to protect the most sensitive sense organ eyes from falling of dust, water, insect or other sharp particles into the eye. Apart from this eyelash serves another function as well which is to beauty the look of the eyes and adds allure to the face. Eyes with long and lavishing eyelashes look seductive and may make anybody fall for them.

Women from generations are obsessed for the beautification of the eyelashes. From the princely times, women love exaggerating their eyes beauty by means of makeup in the day and used to apply different oils in the night to make them grow long, dark, thick and dense. Curvy & long lashes with mild rosy makeup over cheek are enough to clinch away the attraction of the people in the face of the beholder.

The saddened fact is that not everyone has blessed with the long and lavishing eyelashes there are people who the lack enough number of hairs in their lashes and those present are faded, thin&short in length that they don’t look appealing even after putting the makeup. Putting makeup over eyelashes further distorts the eyelashes beauty and is nothing but a total wastage of money. If you’re are also one of them who are struggling to grow long lashes then forget about makeup and oils rather begin with a cheap but effective medication Latisse Eye Drop.

Use Latisse eye drop to beautify your Eyelashes.

The daily application of Latisse Eye Drop over the eyelashes for 8-12 weeks works best and gives the user complete benefit by giving the lashes longer, darker and thicker texture. The active ingredient present in the branded formulation is 0.03% Bimatoprost which is a type of prostaglandin. That binds to the receptors to lengthen the growing phase called Anagen this will make your eyelashes look longer. Darkening of eyelashes is done due to the synthesis of melanin pigment and thickening because of papillary dilation.

Prior using this medication the user should wipe out makeup from the eyes and must remove the eye lenses else bleaching of the lenses may occur. You can proceed to the application after washing the hands with a mild soap. Now, take the applicator brush put a drop over it and draw a straight thin like moving from the inner corner of the eye to extending the outer edge. Apply the solution only over the upper eyelid as closing the eyes will make the solution to spread easily over the lower eyelid as well. Use Latisse eye drop only in the night as sensitivity may get increased when you come in contact with sunshine.

Adversaries allied to Latisse eye drop use includes an excess of watering, swelling over the eyelid, change in color of the eyeball, pinkish eyes, itching and pain in eyes.  Some safety tips for the users of Latisse is avoiding going out in sunlight without wearing the shade, avoid driving&machinery work after the drug use and never recommend the medicine to pregnant or breastfeeding mother.

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