Vidalista is the brand product of generic tadalafil, which causes the erection in the young men. The intake of the drug causes the flow of blood in the penile and make the penile erect for intimacy.

What is erection?

Your friends might name it any number of slang terms as if as boner, hard-on, stiffy, chubby and they are all passed on to is an erection. Erection in men is usual phenomena that happen when penile are filled with blood completely and stretches in shape. The erection might last for few minutes or longer depending on sexual stimulation.

Why do men get an erection?

For most of the day, your penile is in a soft state.  Erections can takes place for any number of reasons but are usually activated by some kind of sexually arousing thoughts or stimulation.

Use vidalista to attain long and hard erection during lovemaking.

What if men have complexity upholding an erection?

Now as there are a number of issues that produce an erection, there are also issues that may cause you to lose an erection. It make the men trouble when they lost erection during sexual activity with a partner. Distractions, tiredness, feeling self-conscious, or feeling anxious can all cause a provisional loss of an erection. Being under the use of alcohol and smoking before intimacy also causes a poor erection. Sometimes, diet changes and lack of exercise too produce a soft erection. Thus, you must have to talk with your partner or health care provider for support.

Your partner will help you emotionally or mentally while your healthcare provider will help you with the erectile dysfunction medication known as Vidalista. This drug would help you to get an erection when taking without alcohol and drugs intake.

Tadalafil there in the drug causes the blockage of PDE-5 enzyme present in the body. The blockage prevents the depletion of cGMP and benefits up to the inflow of blood inside the penile. The penile comes in a shape or size when gets sufficient amount of blood.

Vidalista 40mg and 60mg are easy to get in the form of oral tablets. The men have to consume only one dose of required strength orally with an enormous quantity of water. The drug is required to have 30 minutes early to the intimacy as drug take only 15 minutes to show its action during stimulation. The lasting effects stay for 36 hours hence, only one dose is required to have once in a week. Due to its long-lasting effect, it is also called as weekend pill.

The intake of the drug causes some nasty effect of muscle pain, chest pain, dizziness, drowsiness, facial flushing, vision changes, stomach upset and nasal decongestion. The men should have to prohibit the intake of Vidalista if allergic to Tadalafil. Avoid the ingestion of alcohol, fatty food, nitrate derivative and grapefruit juices while taking Vidalista. Do not drive after consumption of Vidalista as it may produce dizziness effect. Do not consume overdose as it may cause painful ejaculation.

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