For better-looking eyes it’s necessary that you have long lavishing eyelashes. Eyes are the prettiest and the most expressive organ so they need some beautification as an asset. But thinking that putting a whole lot of makeup stuff over your eyelids and making them jet black with the eyeliner stretched to 2-3 mm in thickness makes them appealing? Then you’re thinking wrong!

Covering your eyes with glitters make them funky but not gorgeous! But it’s not something that we can wear every day, Right? Or if you going to wear it every day then you know the damage it might cause to your skin and the number of eyelashes you might lose. Some parents, many schools & colleges don’t allow their young kids to wear such cosmetics every day. Therefore, the option they left with is staying natural! Staying natural is the best way to enjoy the beauty and is well appreciated & acknowledged but one needs a source of self-confidence to project oneself they actually are!

Latisse is the best eye drop to gain Long and Thick Eyelashes.

For those who want to use their eyes as a magnet to attract the glimpse of other people. We have an ultimate product with name Latisse Eye drop having a potent chemical ingredient Bimatoprost in the concentration of 0.03%.This medication you can use over your eyes in the nighttime when you go to bed to sleep. If you’re a student and live in a hostel then it's the best way to keep the secret of your eye beauty without letting anybody the hint of your secret formula of growing beautiful long lashes.

Latisse is the best formula to induce the growth of eyelashes. Using this formula for 8-12 weeks will make your eyelashes longer due to stretching of Anaphase and thicker because of dilation of the dermal papillary region and darker due to stimulation of synthesis of the melanin pigment under the skin. This is how you can attract the people to you via flaunting eyelashes with no eye makeup.

Use in this way: This is a simple medication which is far simpler to be used over the eyes. You have to take up a drop over the tip of eth applicator brush and start applying the same from the inner corner of an eye to extending to the outer edge only on upper eyelid contours and closing the eyelids will make the easy spreading of medicine to the lower eyelid too. That will make you eyelash long longer and lavish in short while of usage.

Some malicious effects the use of medication Latisse eye drops might get on putting the medication over eyelids are stinging, watering, warmth, darkening under eyelids, temporary change in color of the eye.

Cautions to be followed: Don’t perform any cognitive task after applying for the medicine onto the eyelid as this might blur your vision for a while making it difficult for you to drive or operate any machine. It’s important to take the contact lenses out of the eye and remove makeup prior you apply the eye medication as this will prevent you from any itching or infection. Give lapse of 10-15 minutes between two different eye medications or if you’re allergic to Bimatoprost then abide using this eye medication further.

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