Why do you think you are having erectile dysfunction? Do you suffer from falling of erection hardness in the middle of the sensual act for about many times in the past 2-3 months? Do you take a long time to get aroused? Do you find that your women in somewhat and some way not satisfied with you when talking in terms of sensuality? Do you have a belief that it’s because of your poor penile flaccidity? Are you looking for measures to improve your penile rigidity?

Hey! If you have all these doubts it means that you’re better connected to your body and knows well what is going right and what is going wrong. On reading this article you will get all the answers to your queries.

When Erectile Dysfunction hits the men he fails to attain the stability in emotions and lose confidence in holding the erection hardness thus you fail in mid of the sensual act. But worry not! We have something that functions outstanding for you which is Cenforce enfolding the active ingredient Sildenafil. The strengths in which the medicine is available in the market are 100mg & 150mg. Factors that may lead to failure of erection in men include lethargy, body exhaustion, stress, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, injury in the spine and penile. Get ready to overhaul your women annoyance and enjoy better erection benefits, stiffer penile and good rigidity to penetrate and touch the sensual energy reservoir spot of the women called “g-spot”.

Use Cenforce for long and Hard erection.

Sildenafil in the brand Cenforce 150 mg
must be taken by the patient prior 40-50 minutes of maintaining the physical bonding with the partner. Taking this medication will immediately stop the action of enzymePDE5 whose basic effect in the body is to regulate the disintegration of cGMP into minute subunits. Therefore, Cenforce medicine will act to accumulate the molecules of cGMP in excess levels. Also, Nitric oxide, a chemical released by men’s body at the time of arousal leads to surging of cGMP. Thus, an ultimate an outcome the blood vessels of the penile organ gets dilated and tissues got relaxed that all together facilitates the higher blood dissemination in the organ penile so enable the organ stood erect and sturdy for the long term.

Cenforce medication 100 and 150mg once taken lasts its therapeutic effect in the man's body for the duration of 4-5 hours. Repeating this dosing for two times in a day may develop mild stiffness and pain in the penile organ for long time length, we call this condition Priapism.

Some commonly associated side effects to Cenforcemedications include flushing of the face, diarrhea, sore throat, dry& itchy intimate region, tearing in the penile skin along with painful erection. Some of the cautionary tactics to be followed by the men taking Cenforcemedication is keeping the safe distance from the hallucinating substance abuse like alcohol, tobacco, and poppers. Fatty foods, oil fried foods, coffee & grapefruit juice to be limited. Nitrates must not be given to the patient on anti-ED therapy.

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