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Buy Exelon 3mg - Generic Rivastigmine

Buy Exelon 3mg - Generic Rivastigmine

Generic Rivastigmine - Exelon 3mg

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Exelon 3mg is a proficient medication, which is used in the treatment of mild to moderate dementia, which is caused by Parkinson's disease. It also treats Alzheimer's disorder. It also improves the working of nerve cells in the brain.

How Exelon 3mg Acts?

Exelon 3mg tablets contain Rivastigmine as its main component. It is derived from the carbamate compounds. It binds reversibly with cholinesterase and inactivates it, which results in the prevention of hydrolysis of acetylcholine. Therefore, it results an increased concentration of acetylcholine at cholinergic synapses. In this way it alters the level of neurotransmitter and treats dementia.

Who Should Avoid Exelon 3mg Tablets?

Exelon 3mg is a potent drug. It is contraindicated in some individual and can cause severe harmful effects in these individuals. They are

  • The individuals, who are hypersensitive to Rivastigmine or any other ingredient of this drug, should not use this drug.

Drug Interactions of Exelon 3mg Tablets

There some drugs, which can interacts with Exelon 3mg tablets. These certain drugs can alter the effects of Exelon 3mg tablets. These include Metoclopramide, bronchodilators such as Aclidinium, Cyclobenzaprine, Antihistamine, Atenolol and medication for stomach ulcer.

Where You Can Store Exelon 3mg Tablets?

You should keep Exelon 3mg tablets at room temperature; away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

How to Administer Exelon 3mg Tablets?

Exelon 3mg Tablets is formulated in the form of oral dosage form. It should be used after the consumption of food. For the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, the individual should take 6 to 12mg of this medication orally per day. It can be used in divided doses in the morning and in evening. For the treatment of dementia due to Parkinson's disorder, the individual should consume 3 to 12mg of this medication orally, usually two times in s day, generally in morning and in evening.

What happened, if you take overdose of Exelon Tablets?

In case of overdose, Exelon Tablets can cause severe harmful effects in the body of an individual. Some overdose symptoms include severe vomiting, nausea, sweating, slow heart rate and seizures with fainting. In case of overdose, you should contact with your doctor as soon as possible.

What to do in case of missed dose?

In case an individual missed a single dose of Exelon tablets, then take it when reminds. If the individual remind it at the time of next dose, then the individual should take next dose by skipping left one. In case, you missed several doses of this drug, then contact with your doctor.

What are the side effects, which are caused by Exelon 3mg Tablets?

The consumption of Exelon 3mg tablets may produce some general side effects like loss of appetite, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea and weight loss.

What are the informative points about Exelon 3mg Tablets?

  • You should take Exelon 3mg tablets with caution in case of breastfeeding and pregnancy.
  • In some medical issues like tremor, epilepsy, asthma and stomach ulcer, you should take Exelon 3mg tablets with extreme care.
  • The individual should avoid driving after taking Exelon 3mg tablets, as it may cause dizziness.

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