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Buy Gengraf 25mg Capsule

Buy Gengraf 25mg Capsule

Cyclosporine Capsule - Gengraf 25mg Capsule

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Gengraf 25mg is an oral solid dosage formulation which is presented in form of capsules.Gengraf 25mg contains active Cyclosporine as key product that serves as an immunosuppressant. The product is modified preparation that is cyclic polypeptide Immunosuppressant agent that contains 11 amino acids. Gengraf 25mg is received from Aphanocladium album a species of Fungus.

Gengraf 25mg is used after surgical transplants of organs like Kidney, heart or liver or any organ of the body. The drug is also a great help in Psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. The immune system is suppressed so that the organ transplanted is not rejected.

Coming to the PHARMACOLOGY

Cyclosporine prolongs survival of allogeneic transplants of:

  • Skin, pancreas,
  • Kidney, bone marrow
  • Liver, small intestine,
  • Heart and lung

Cyclosporine will suppress humoral immunity and cell mediated immune reactions will be altered: Allograft rejection, Delayed hypersensitivity, so the body won't react to the foreign effectively and T-lymphocytes and T-helpers are censored. The Gengraf capsules stops the Lymphokine synthesis and release of Interleukin and changes the enzyme secretion.

Drug Contraindications of Gengraf 25mg Capsules

If any person is hypersensitive to the Gengraf capsule or its content should not administer the drug.

The drug is passed in the milk so nursing mother should not take Gengraf capsule.

Drug Interaction Along Gengraf 25mg Capsules

  • Drug like Methotrexate and Diclofenac if taken along the cyclosporine it will increase the action of drugs.
  • The drug action shows adverse effects if taken along Aliskiren, Amiloride, orlistat, Spironlactone or Triamterene.

Guidelines for the Mode of Administration

One may have the Gengraf capsule orally without concern of meal. Just avoid taking the drug along juice specially the grape fruits. Take the medication at the same time. Take the medication as prescribed by the doctor. If you have missed the dose take the drug as soon as you make it. If it is the time for next dose skip the missed dose and continue the usual dossier. Never take the 2 capsule at once.

Storage conditions of Gengraf Capsules

  • Keep the drug at room temperature in cool and dry place.
  • Keep it away from the direct sunlight.

Side Effects of Gengraf Capsules

One may experience headache, increased hair growth, acne dizziness, facial flushing, mild diarrhea, vomiting or nausea with sleeplessness and GIT disorders can also be experienced in certain individuals.

Safety measures While Taking Gengraf 25mg Capsules

  • Tell the doctor that you are having Gengraf medication before taking medication on dental, surgery or emergency care.
  • The drug may turn you prone to sun tanning and burn so cover up and use sunscreen and protective gears.
  • The drug will decrease the body immunity while you are taking medication, so one gets prone to infections and cold, if you experience any of sign of infection like rash chills fever seek medical help.
  • The drug alter the blood sugar level so diabetic patient should take the medication cautiously.

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