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Buy Latanoprost Eye Drops 2.5 ML

Generic Latanoprost Eye Drops

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Latanoprost ophthalmic solution is an efficient drug used in the treatment of glaucoma (a medical condition in which increased intra ocular pressure in the eye can lead to gradual loss of vision). Latanoprost eye drops possess generic drug Latanoprost. Active form of this medication comes in a class of drug called prostaglandin analogs. It is also indicated to turn out your eyelashes noticeable by making it thicker, longer and darker.

It lowers pressure in the eye by increasing flow of eye fluids called aqueous humor. Latanoprost is a binds with prostaglandin receptor present in eyes and facilitate outflow of the fluid from eyes. This action is unique to prevent the progressive loss of vision in glaucoma patient.

Dose and Method of Administration of Latanoprost Eye Drops

Following steps should be carried out:-

Wash your eyes and hands properly. Dry it, then tilt you neck and by using with your fingers, pull down your lower eyelids to make a pouch of it. Open the tip of the drop deliberately. Instill one drop of this medicine into your eyes, leave it for few minutes by giving a gentle pressure on your eye lids. Close your eyes for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove the excess eye drops from your eyes. Do not blink your eyes.

Wait a sometime, if you want to take another medicine. Do not sip the dose, even if you feel well.

If you forget to take the dose of this drug, take it as soon as possible and not manage the dose by taking two dose at a time.

Avoid too much use of Latanoprost eye drops.

Drug Interactions of Latanoprost Eye Drops

Latanoprost when combined with Infliximab, it increases intra ocular pressure. Latanoprost may interact with beta blocker and calcium channel blocker.

Contraindication of Latanoprost Eye Drops

Patient should not take this eye drops if he is having herpes infection and other eye infections like uveitis and iritis. Stay away from this medication if you are allergic to the component present in it. Pregnant and nursing mother should avoid this eye drops.

Storage Conditions of Latanoprost Eye Drops

Store the ophthalmic solution at room temperature. Keep out the reach of children and pets. Protect the Latanoprost eye drops from sunlight, heat and moisture.

Side effects of Latanoprost eye drops includes stinging, itching, burning, redness, irritation, watering, or swelling of the eye

Precautions While Using Latanoprost Eye Drops

Safety measures that should take while using Latanoprost eye drops

This drug should be applied only in eyes and not on other body parts of the body. Do not touch the sterile solution by your hands. Remove your contact lenses if are going to use this medications. Avoid driving or handling of machinery equipment’s, after taking Latanoprost eye drops. Keep the drug in tightly closed container. Apply the drug only on upper eye lash. Caution needs to taken in children.

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