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Latanoprost with Timolol Ophthalmic Solution - Latim Eye Drops

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Latim (Xalacom) Eye Drops is an ophthalmic preparation consisting of 2 active components, Timolol maleate and Latanoprost. These both medications lower the raised pressure within the eye (IOP). Both the drugs work by different means to generate a combined effect that is greater than either drug produces on its own. Latim Eye Drops is indicated for use in open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. The pressure within the eyeball is naturally preserved by a constant flow of aqueous humor through the eyeball. If the steady flow of aqueous humor is prevented, the aqueous humor builds up inside the eye, enhancing the IOP. This built pressure requires to be lowered, as or else it can harm the optic nerve and damage vision consequently.

How Latim Eye Drops works?

Xalacom eye drops contain Latanoprost and Timolol, thus it works by two ways:

  • Latanoprost is a prostaglandin analogue and works by decreasing the eye pressure by mimicking the activity of a naturally-occurring prostaglandin. It consequently leads to an increase in the drainage of aqueous humor outside the eyeball. This results in lowering of the pressure within the eye.
  • Timolol falls under the class of beta-blocker drugs. Timolol works by blocking beta-receptors in several body parts. Then these receptors get blocked subsequently the amount of aqueous humor gets decreased. Timolol consequently lowers the inflow of aqueous humor into the eyeball and thus reduces the pressure within the eye by different means.

Latim Eye Drops combination is used to lower the eye pressure when a prostaglandin analogue or a beta-blocker eye drop does not lower the pressure enough on its own.

How to Use Latim (Xalacom) Eye Drops?

First of all, make sure your hands are clean before using Latim Eye Drops

One drop must be instilled into the affected eye(s) one time in a day. The drug exerts its most effective effects when the drops are put in the evening. Instantly after instilling the eye drops close your eye and press on the tear duct (at the eye corner next to your nose) for approx. 2 minutes. This is done to lessen the amount of drug that may be absorbed into the bloodstream, which will add to the local effect in the eye and reduce any adverse effects in different body parts. Important point is that while using these eye drops you must take care not to touch the dropper tip to your eye or any surface, so as to avoid contamination of the eye drops.

Missed dose: If you miss a dose just instill your subsequent dose as usual. Remember not to apply the drops two times in one day to make up for a missed dose.

Overdose: You must take care not to exceed the suggested dose, as applying the drops more regularly than one time in a day can really make them less efficient.

Contraindications of Latim (Xalacom) Eye Drops

Use Latim eye drops with caution in:

  • Closed angle glaucoma, inflammatory glaucoma, congenital glaucoma or neovascular glaucoma.
  • Inflammatory conditions of the eye such as conjunctivitis.
  • Individuals with no lens in the eye (aphakia) or an artificial lens (pseudophakia).
  • Individuals undergoing cataract surgery.
  • People with dry eyes.
  • History of sudden fall in blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia).
  • History of hypersensitive reactions to prostaglandins or beta-blockers.

Drug Interactions of Latim Eye Drops

  • Xalacom eye drops contain Timolol and this ingredient is known to interact with other beta-blockers, like Atenolol, Digoxin, antiarrhythmic drugs like Amiodarone and calcium-channel blockers, like Diltiazem, Verapamil, or Nifedipine.
  • Latim eye drops also must not be used concurrently with other prostaglandin analogues.

Precautions While Using Latim (Xalacom) Eye Drops

  • This drug is only for ocular use, not to be taken by mouth.
  • While using this ophthalmic solution, you must have regular eye examinations.
  • If you have a history of inflammation of the eyeball (uveitis) or the iris (iritis), then avoid the use of Latim Eye Drops.

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