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Buy Symmetrel 100mg -  Amantadine 100mg

Buy Symmetrel 100mg - Amantadine 100mg

Generic Amantadine - Symmetrel 100mg

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Symmetrel 100mg is an oral drug, which treat viral infections. It belongs to the class of antiviral drugs. It has tendency to treat certain viral infections like influenza-A. In case of Parkinson's disease or its symptoms, this medication plays a vital role to treat them.

Symmetrel 100mg contains Amantadine as its vital active ingredient. It comes under the group of Cyclohexylamines. Amantadine has a tendency to interfere with the viral protein and changes their process of coating. It promotes the process of endocytosis of certain particles of virus. In this way it produces antiviral activity. It also has a powerful potential to release dopamine and this activity results in the anti-Parkinson's action.

Contraindication of Symmetrel 100mg

Symmetrel 100mg is CONTRAINDICATED in certain individuals and can cause severe harmful effects in them, so they should avoid this drug; such as

  • The individuals, who are allergic to Amantadine or any other ingredient of this medication, should not use this medication.
  • This medication should not be used by an individual, while the individual is using nasal flu vaccine or have a history of this vaccine in past 14 days.

You should store this drug at room temperature; away from direct moisture or heat.

Dosage of Symmetrel 100mg

It comes in the form of oral tablets, which can be used with or without food consumption. For the treatment or prevention of influenza-A infection, the individuals should start this medication immediately after the appearance of sign of this infection. The individual should consume 200mg of this medication orally per day or the individual should take two tablets of this medication per day, which can be used once or twice in a day. It should be used at least for 10 days.

For the management of Parkinson's disease, the individuals should consume one tablet of this drug orally, two times in a day.

The consumption of overdose of this drug can cause severe harmful effects. In this case the individual may face symptoms like hallucination, fever, aggression, trouble breathing, fainting and seizures. In case of overdose, the individual should contact immediately with the doctor.

The missing of dose can occur, while you are using this drug. In case of missed dose, you should take it whenever you remember, but if you remind it at the time of next dose, then you should consume the next dose by skipping missed one.

Symmetrel 100mg may cause some common SIDE EFFECTS in some individuals; like nausea, sleep problems, dizziness, mood change and depression.

Safety Tips While Taking Symmetrel 100mg

  • In some medical issues like glaucoma, epilepsy, mental disorders, drug addiction and heart or liver disorders, you should use extra care, while using this drug.
  • You should avoid consumption of some other products, while using this drug like caffeine pills, alcohol, diet pills and Dyazide.
  • A female should avoid breastfeeding, while she is using Symmetrel 100mg.
  • You should not give this drug a child, who is less than one year old.

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