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Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solutions

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Careprost Eye Drops is an efficient ophthalmic medication, which is used in the management of hypotrichosis. It enhances the growth of hair in eyelashes and makes them darker with hairs. It is a synthetic formulation, which is prepared by using Bimatoprost as its active ingredient. It resembles with the natural prostaglandin present in the human eyes. A person who has short eyelashes are suggested to buy Careprost Eye Drops online from SuperGenericMart at best price and get longer & prettiest eyelashes.

Careprost also solves hypotrichosis, which is the deficiency of hair in the lash due to the deficient activity of natural prostaglandin. So Bimatoprost is an analogue of natural prostaglandins, which enhance prostaglandins activity and increase hair growth in the lash. In this way, Careprost Eye Drops provides beautiful eyes by providing dark lashes.

Women can order Careprost Eye Drops or Latisse Eye Drops Online at a cheap price to get longer & Beautiful eyelashes

Contraindication of Careprost Eye Drops-

Careprost Eye Drops are contradicted in some individuals, so they should not use this medication; such as

  • An individual, who is sensitive to Bimatoprost or any other ingredient, should not use this medication.
  • The individuals should not use this medication in case of eye injury and infection of the eyes.

How should Careprost Eye Drops Dosage be taken?

It is an external and sterile medication, which should be used with care. For the treatment of hypotrichosis, you should use this drug with the help of a sterile applicator. The individual should wash his/her face before using this drug. The individual should keep one drop of this medication on the sterile applicator and apply it at the base of affected eyelashes, usually once per day. Generally, the individual should use this drug at night or bedtime.

The individual should avoid this medication in overdose, as in case of overdose it can cause harm to the eyes. If by chance overdose occurs, then the individual should contact the doctor as soon as possible.

If the individual missed the dose of this drug, then the individual use it when remembering but if the individual remembers it at the time of next dose then the individual should use next dose according to a regular schedule by skipping missed one.

You can store this drug out of the reach of the moisture and direct heat. You can put it at room temperature.

Side Effects of Careprost Eye Drops-

The use of Careprost Eye Drops can also produce some minor side effects in some individuals like watery eyes, itching, dizziness, and redness or swelling of eyes or around eyes. If any side effects stick with you then you should contact your doctor.

Safety Tips While Using Careprost Eye Drops-

Before using Careprost Eye Drops you should keep some safety tips in your mind. These points can enhance safety and efficacy of this medication.

  •   Before using this drug the individual should remove his/her contact lenses if wears.
  •   The individuals should use a new sterile applicator while using this medication every time.
  •   The individuals should not touch this medication and dropper of this medication with a finger or any other object.
  •    In some eye issues such as glaucoma, swelling of eyes and eye edema, you should use this medication with extreme care.

 For best results, these eye drops must be used at bedtime in the night to allow a good time period for undisturbed absorption. So, order Careprost eye drops online from our online pharmacy portal at best prices to stay with beautiful eyes.

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Amazing Changes within 8weeks.. Review by Layla
Careprost eye drop helps to make me feel like the selfie queen in my photographs with such mesmerizing eyes having such compelling lashes. Thank You SuperGenericMart.. (Posted on 6/5/17)
Very Pleased. Review by Jasmine
I would like to share my experience with Careprost : You must apply only small amount of this drug because application of this drug in large quantity. Thank you. (Posted on 5/29/17)
So Impressed.. Review by Isabella
I tried Careprost with a lot of doubt. I am so impressed. Careprost eye drop – optimistic shot answer for lengthier, curlier and sexy eyelashes... Tnku SuperGenericMart.. (Posted on 5/28/17)
Strongly Recommend.. Review by Sophia
The Order arrived last week no problems, the effect well..Thanks supergenericmart (Posted on 5/23/17)
End solution for long eyelashes Review by Emma
I'm happy with careprost eye drops. I got long and thick eyelashes. here are no option to add pics. i want to show my eyelashes.
thanks supergenericmart for such as product.
(Posted on 12/16/16)
Excellent & Impressive Online Service Review by Rossi
I am very impressed with their online service, they provide the best customer service i have ever seen. (Posted on 5/15/16)
Efficient Product Quality Service Review by Flora
I ordered one of the eye drop from here. They delivered me it on given time duration. The product become very effective for my eyes. (Posted on 3/11/16)
Best Eye Drop to Increase Eyelashes Review by Amaris
I recommend you to use careprost eye drops to make your eyes attractive. This pharmacy provide very efficient online service. (Posted on 3/7/16)

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